Code Of Misconduct

The school is very particular about certain aspects such as discipline, practice of moral values and better performance in academics. We look for parent's co-operation to achieve these. Please go through the following code of misconduct and be sure that your son/ daughter does not practise the forbidden behaviour. Repeated occurrence of the following practices by your ward may result in suspension or expulsion from the school.

  • Absence without leave application.
  • Disobeying school rules or instructions given in school almanac.
  • Misbehaviour with teacher or other employee of the school.
  • Passing unsocial remarks or using indecent language.
  • Fighting among themselves inside or outside the school campus.
  • Not bringing books and copies according to time table and not completing C.W. & H.W.
  • Damaging school property.
  • Coming to school in dirty uniform or shoes and keeping unclean personal hygiene.
  • Bringing cell phone or any prohibited gadgets to school.
  • Repeated failure in any subject.
  • Using unfair means in exams/ tests or manipulating marks scored and putting signature of teacher or guardian.
  • Not depositing school fee in time.

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