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In the stormy speed of materialistic growth ethics and values are disappearing. The land of Vedas, Ram, Krishna, Vivekananda and Gandhiji seems helpless due to the lack of right education. It is a big cause of concern.

Surya Academy has undertaken this responsibility of creating a new prosperous India, strong in ethics and values, by initiating quality education to its students.

With a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced and competent teaching staff with modern and latest teaching techniques, excellent facilities for co-curricular and sporting activities, Surya Academy facilitates the exploration and development of the limitless latent potential of the child. Our primary concern is to provide the best possible environment to make learning an enjoyable experience for children. With the support of the parents, I am confident that we will realize the dream of making India once again ‘Jagat Guru’, where everybody will be happy,prosperous and peace will prevail everywhere.

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