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Class Room

To enhance teaching learning process the Senior Secondary classes have been converted into e-classrooms. Keeping in pace with the major changes of technological advancements, the immediate and permanent Audio and Visual impact of the e-way of teaching has made learning convenient, easy and interesting.

Unmatched clarity of concepts

iLearning engages students attention like never before, by teaching them with tools that they love. This creates unmatched conceptual clarity and enhances long-term memory of lessons.

No internet distractions

Study on your own with no internet costs or distractions. LearnNext works anytime, anywhere independent of internet connection.

Independent learning

The enjoyable iLearning process creates independent learners, who can set their own pace of studying.


By using interactive formats like games, quizzes, experiments LearnNext offers a highly engaging learning experience.

Better academic performance

It gives detailed performance reports that allow students and parents to identify strengths and work on weak areas.

Smart scheduling

TeachNext teaches you the value of time management by optimizing your study period. The Calendar Feature ensures that you cover every topic, and also have sufficient time for revision and self-assessment.

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