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  • Minimum age for admissionin class Nursery is 3 years and in class 1 is 6 years at the beginning of the session.
  • For admission parents are requierd to submit a photocopy of date of birth certificate of their ward issued by the competent authority at the time of registration.
  • Two Passport size photographs are requierd at the time of registration
  • Prospectus and Registration form can be obtained from the school office on payment of Rs.250/.
  • The Registered applicants will be requierd to appear for test and interview after which the admission may be granted or refused.


At the Surya the child is centre of the world and all the activities are arranged around the child.Surya aims to provide experiences through creative and modern education in an attractive and caring environment .Every partof Surya life isa a valuable arena of learning and a sense of balance,which permeattes every aspect of life here.


Access of 'Surya' is convenient as it is situated with in the city limits.The school owns excellent building constructed according to the latest architectural designs.The clasrooms are chirp, bright,attractive,massive,Well ventilated with specially desigend colorful furniture which creats an energetic mood and lots of greenery all around enhances learning.


  • The academic year begins from 1st April and ends in the month of March.Summer holidays are observed from the third week of May to the last week of June
  • Winter holidays of about ten days are observed in the first week of January.
  • Other holodays during the year are notified separately.


  • Summer:-
  • 8:30 a.m to 1:45 p.m
    for Nursery (8:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m)

  • Winter:-
  • 9:30 a.m to 2:15 p.m
    for Nursery (9:30 a.m to 12:15 p.m)

  • Office hours:-
  • 9:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m


We have chosen the path of innovationand creative methods of education to rise above the confines of conventional teaching.English is the medium of instruction,Hindi the National language has a vital role in the curriculum.The other subjects taught will be Sanskrit,Mathematics,Science,Moral Science,History,Geography,Civics(Social Studies),General Knowledge and Computer Studies.


The School has state of the well-equipped science labs for Physics,Chemistry and Biology.The labs are continually upgraded to keep pace with the technological advancement.


Computer Science lab has a array of advanced new generation computers,multimedia with color monitors and internet connection to keep our young wizards intrested in computers.The lab has a richly stocked CD Rom's Library comprising of story books,interactive aids and encyclopedias.


Surya Academy is equipped with a Smart-e-Classroom ,with networked computers.
The Main Features of 'Smart-e-Classroom' are :

  • Improves Concept Clarity.
  • Improves Interest level in subject.
  • Improves Retention Ability of students.
  • Improves Attention time span in the class.
  • Improves recall.
  • Improves Attendance.
  • Improves Pronunciation of Technical Terms.
  • Helps children to visualize three dimentional ''Z-axis' perspective to bring clarity of abstract concepts and phenomena
  • Tuition becomes redundent
  • Virtually stretches time.Optimum time management leading to faster and effective curriculum coverage.


Our Maths lab manipulative let students think,perform,analyze and articulate logically while working towards a solution.Our hands on learning experiences enrich the lab instructions there-by complimenting each student's learning style.


Educational feature films especially for Environmental education are shown on a large screen using DVD projectors.


The school has a well stocked Library with over 3000 books and a collection of encyclopedia and reference books. The library is upgraded and expanded with regular addition of books. Children are encouraged to borrow books and carry them home to inculcate the habit of reading.


Everyday in 'Surya' will be full of Zest, Enthusiasm and high momentum. Each day not same as the next. Saturday always will be special activity day. All children come to school in special dress and activity mood such as sports, yoga, music, dance/dramatisation, Debate/Elocution, taekwondo, Calligraphy, Quizzing and Field trips. This is also the day of special help as academic difficulties of the students are individually looked in to and resolved by the teachers.


Fees are payable in advance for every two months. It must be cleared by the 10th of the month failing which levy of Rs. 2 per day will be charged. Such defaulters name may be struck of the school rolls if fees is not cleared within 30days. If any student , whose name has been struck off, seeks re-admission is allowed.


Should the fees for the term not be paid by the stipulated date, a grace period of 7 days will be allowed for the payment to be received and thereafter a fine as notified by the school shall be levied and shall be payable by the defaulting parent concerned. In the event of the term fees still not having been received by 30 days, admission will be refused to the student concerned and his/her name is liable to be struck off the school rolls. Re-admission may be granted to the student concerned at the sole discretion of the principal.


Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in maintaining punctuality, regularity and discipline. Parents are required to send their wards in neat & tidy complete uniform.


Stress is laid on spoken English as the medium of instruction is strictly English. The campus language is English. Parents must instill in the minds of their wards that the purpose of admission in SURYA ACADEMY is to acquire good language skills.


The schools has the state of inventers to take care of the power cuts.


The instruction given in this prospectus is liable to changes without notice. Any such changes when made will be binding on all existing students also.

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